Discovering Your Career 'Ikigai': The Intersection of Passion and Profession

AAlan October 3, 2023 11:21 PM

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that translates to 'reason for being'. It's the sweet spot at the intersection of what you love (your passion), what you're good at (your vocation), what the world needs (your mission), and what you can be paid for (your profession). Your career 'Ikigai' is where these four elements intersect. Finding it can lead to a fulfilling and satisfying career.

What is Ikigai?

Ikigai is a lifestyle concept that originated from Japan, often associated with a secret to a long and happy life. When applied to the career context, it aids in personal and professional development, and it can become a powerful tool for career guidance and growth.

The scheme of Ikigai is often depicted as a Venn diagram with four overlapping circles representing four fundamental elements of life: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. Your Ikigai is the intersection of these four elements.

Ikigai Diagram

What You Love What You're Good at What the World Needs What You Can Be Paid For
Your passion Your vocation Your mission Your profession

Finding Your Career Ikigai

Step 1: Understanding Yourself

This involves self-assessment on what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for.

Step 2: Analyzing the Intersection

Analyze the intersection of the four elements. Where all four elements meet is your Ikigai.

Step 3: Applying your Ikigai to your Career

Once you've discovered your Ikigai, apply it to your career decisions, job searches, and career development.

Benefits of Knowing Your Ikigai

Knowing your Ikigai can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying career. It can improve your work-life balance, boost your job satisfaction, and promote career growth. Moreover, it can guide you in your job search and career decisions, leading you to a profession that truly aligns with your passion, skills, and values.

Discovering your career Ikigai may take time and introspection, but it is a journey worth embarking upon. It is a powerful tool for understanding what truly drives you at work, and how to leverage this understanding for career satisfaction and growth.

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